The first episode of Mnet’s new reality show ‘Produce 101’ went to air last night on January 22. The show will see 101 trainees from various entertainment agencies compete to earn a place in a temporary girl group to debut under CJ E&M before returning to their respective agencies a year later.


Here are all the performances from the first broadcast:

Park Hayi (Cani Star Entertainment) - Nobody

Kim Sohye (RedLine Entertainment) - Somehow

Jeon Somi (JYP) - Lips Are Movin’

Kang Mina, Kim Nayoung, Kim Sejeong (Jellyfish Ent) - Something New

Heo Chanmi (Duble Kick Company) - Don’t Stop The Music

Yoon Seohyeung (&August Entertainment) - Good Day

Kim Juna (Music K Entertainment) - Who You Are

Kwon Eunbean, Lee Younseo & Jeon Soyeon (CUBE Entertainment) - Crazy vs Yun Chaekyoung & Cho Shiyoon (DSP Media) - Mr.

Ki Heuihyeon, Kim Danielle & Jung Chaeyeon (MBK Entertainment) - Bad Girl Good Girl

Kim Taeha, Shim Chaeeun & Yu Yeunjung (Starship Ent) - I Swear

Gang Gyeongweon, Kang Yaebin, Kim Minkyeong, Park Siyeon, Lim Nayoung, Jung Eunwoo, Zhou Jieqiong (Pledis Entertainment) - Group Performance